Generate Angular environment.ts dynamically at the build time in AWS Code Build with AWS Parameter Store

  1. Have read my article ‘How to deploy Angular Web App from GitHub to AWS S3 in AWS Pipeline
  2. Knowledge on Angular Environment.ts file
  3. Knowledge on AWS Systems Manager and Parameter Store
  4. Familiar with NodeJS running environment
function generateEnvironmentContent() {return `export const environment = {production: ${process.env.IS_PRODUCTION || false},environment: "${process.env.ENVIRONMENT || "local"}",sampleText: "${process.env.SAMPLE_PARAM_STORE || "I am from Dynamic Environment :D"}"};`}(function generateEnvironment() {const fs = require('fs');const fileName = 'environment.ts'; // you can this as hard coded name, or you can use your own unique nameconst content = generateEnvironmentContent();process.chdir(`src/environments`); // This is the directory where you created the environment file. you can use your own path, but for this I used the Angular default environment directoryfs.writeFile(fileName, content, (err) => { (err) ? console.log(err) : console.log('env is generated!') });})();
  • SAMPLE_PARAM_STORE is an Environment Variable I added in AWS parameter store.
  • ENVIRONMENT is also an Environment Variable I added in AWS CI/CD Environment Variable
"fileReplacements": [],
"scripts": {"generate-env": "node environment-generate.js",.....}
Parameter Store
Select Environment
  1. SAMPLE_PARAM_STORE is read from Parameter Store.
  2. ENVIRONMENT is read from pipeline it self, as it is set as PLAINTEXT.
Set Environment Variables
      - echo Generate Environment File
- npm run generate-env // newly added command
- echo Env file is generated
- echo Build the project
- npm run build
- echo Finished the build project
import { environment } from 'src/environments/environment';.....sampleText = environment.sampleText;constructor() {console.log(this.sampleText);}
Access Denied
AWS Roles
Policies Attached
"Version": "2012-10-17",
"Statement": [
"Effect": "Allow",
"Action": [
"Resource": "<Your resource Id>:parameter/*"
Final output




Technopreneur | Lone Geek Wolf | Monkey Monk

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Tharaka Madhusanka

Tharaka Madhusanka

Technopreneur | Lone Geek Wolf | Monkey Monk

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